Oleg Ivanyushenko

Co-founder and Executive Director of “MC “MIG”, LLC

Oleg Ivanyushenko

Co-founder and Executive Director of “Management Company “Mariupol Investment Group”, LLC

Oleg Ivanyushenko has been occupying the position of the Executive Director in “Management Company “Mariupol Investment Group”, LLC (MC MIG, LLC) since 2011. In this office he carries out the strategic management of MC MIG, LLC’ assets.

Since 2018, Oleg Ivanyushenko owns a significant stake in UITC LIMITED (Cyprus), which owns the corporate rights of companies affiliated with MIG Group.

Mr. Ivanyushenko has more than 16 years in experience in the leadership positions in sphere of heavy-engineering, ship repair, agricultural and maritime logistics, corporate governance expert.

Thus, since 2003 till 2015 he had been working with Azovmash, PJSC starting from the post of corporate rights and investments office head  (2003–2005), later he became a head of department on reforming of economic relationships, corporate rights and investments (2005–2008). In 2008 he was appointed a Director on corporate rights (2008-2014).    Also during 2010 - 2014 Mr. Ivanyushenko  had been holding the position of the Deputy Chairman of the Enterprise‘s Supervisory Board.  Up to 2014 he was responsible for management of corporate rights of “Azovmash” Group and assets of the MC MIG. Working at Azovmash, PJSC Oleg Ivanyushenko arranged, organized and supported the deals of M&A; consolidated the assets of the Group;  took part in elaboration of the Group’s long-term development strategy jointly with McKinsey & Company; attended the due diligence process along with international company Ernst & Young; performed the restructuring of Azovmash’  asset structure  holding and management;  participated in the development of a long-term strategy for the ship repair plant in cooperation with Roland Berger.

Mr. Ivanyushenko graduated from Priazovsky State Technical University with a degree in “Enterprises‘ management“ in 2004. In 2013 he got the Professional Diploma in sphere of “Management” of Business School of Open University (Great Britain). In 2014 he completed the course “Strategy” in International Institute of Management LINK (RF). In 2016 he got the MBA Diploma "Strategy" of the International Institute of Management LINK (RF)