Management Company
“Mariupol Investment Group”

Lyudmila Shishkhanova

Director of TV channel “TV-7”

Lyudmila Shishkhanova

Director of “TV and Radio Company “TV-7”, LLC

Lyudmila Shishkhanova has been holding the position of the Director of Limited Liability Company “TV and Radio Company “TV-7” since February 2017. She carries out the operation management and development of the Company in this office.

Before she joined the team of “TRC “TV-7”, LLC Lyudmila had worked over 12 years in sphere of journalism and public relations. Her professional life started in 2006 in capacity of reporter with “TRO “Mariupol Television”, LLC and since 2010, she worked as a production editor of the information program and as a link lady in the program  «Events of the day». She is author and journalist of the following cycle of programs: “Criminality” (about the work of the militia in Mariupol), “Remember those glorious years”, “Close-up”, “Out of vision”. Since 2015, Lyudmila worked as a key specialist of the office for relations with Mass Media and Public Outreach of the Main Department of State Emergency Response Service of Ukraine in Donetsk region; manager in sphere of reporting at PrJSC “MMK named for Ilich”. Since 2016, Lyudmila had been working at TV Channel “TV-7” as a production editor, journalist and link lady of the program “7 days”.

Lyudmila is a prize winner of the municipal contest “Future of Mariupol”  in nomination of “The best young journalist” (2010).  Since 2013, she is the member of National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

Lyudmila Shishkhanova graduated from Mariupol State University with degree in “Journalism” in 2008.