Dmitry Lyashov

General Director of
Azov Shiprepair Yard “SRZ”, LLC

Dmitry Lyashov

General Director of Azov Shiprepair Yard “SRZ”, LLC

Dmitry Lyashov has been occupying the position of Azov Shipyard’s General Director since March 2015. In this office he manages the current activity of the company and takes part in elaboration and implementation of its long-term development strategy.

Mr. Lyashov has more than 17 years’ experience in the leadership positions. Dmitry Lyashov joined the team of SRZ, LLC in January 2015 in the post of Deputy General Director.  Before his work with Azov Shipyard he as a consultant had implemented several investment projects jointly with “Management Company “Mariupol Investment Group”, LLC. 

Earlier, since 2006 till 2015 Mr. Lyashov was the managing partner and business coach with consulting company “Growth”. During 1998-2006 he had been holding the executive  positions with the enterprises in the different spheres of the economic activity starting from the production and distribution of the food stuffs up to manufacturing of the metal products and building materials.

Dmitry Lyashov graduated from Priazovsky State Technical University with a degree in “Transport arrangement and management“ in 1998. In 2015 he got the degree Ph.D. in Economics by defending a thesis “Management of the industrial enterprise staff efficiency”. Mr. Lyashov has been the senior lector of the Economics department and Director of the training center of “Mariupol Business School” with Priazovsky State Technical University since 2014.