Management Company
“Mariupol Investment Group”


Artem Mazny has been occupying the position of the executive director since January 2015. In this office he manages the current activity of the company.

Artem Mazny has more than 5 years’ experience in the leadership positions. Thus, since 2013 and until his appointment in office of the Executive Director of UkrTransAgro, LLC Mr. Mazny had been holding the position of the Company’s Marketing Deputy Director. In this office he was in charge of marketing and production planning, analysis of the grain market as well as the development of relationships with domestic and foreign customers and suppliers. Before that he headed the Department of International Liaison of “AG Steel”, LLC. Mr. Mazny was responsible for external –economic activity of the company – supply maintenance, drawing up and support of contracts, shipping and customs documents.  

Artem Mazny graduated from Priazovsky State Technical University with a degree in “Management of enterprises” in 2003. Also he completed the course “Marketing strategy in challenging environment” in International Institute of Management LINK (Russia) in 2014. Since November 2014 Mr. Mazny has been studying in International Institute of Management LINK as per MBA programme “Management in practice” which was developed by Business School of Open University (Great Britain) and accredited by International Association MBA.