Team of MC "MIG"

By way of developing and expanding of our business we enhance the potential of Mariupol, Azov region and Ukraine in general.  This is the main task of the managerial team and staff members of assets-companies

Top Management Group Team MC "MIG"
  • Roman Nikulin

    Deputy executive director for

  • Elena Gatiyatullina

    Deputy executive director for
    corporate management and control

  • Yuriy Berezhnoy

    Deputy executive director for
    legal affairs

  • Larisa Veligorskaya

    Chief Accountant

  • Oksana Skrinnik

    Head of strategy development department

  • Maria Sakharova

    Head of Communications

  • Darya Lokatyr

    HR manager

  • Valeriy Turbanov

    Head of IT Department

  • Sergey Bogushev

    Head of business analytics department