“UkrTransAgro” LLC is the operator of grain market, which provides the package of services related to acceptance, stockpiling, storage and shipping to sea vessels of the grain and oil crops. It is also provides services of certified grain terminal. The Company has been managed by Management Company “Mariupol Investment Group” since 2010.

“UkrTransAgro” LLC was founded in 2004 to render grain transshipment services. In 2008 the up-to-date grain terminal was built and already in autumn 2008 the first vessel was shipped. In 2015 “UkrTransAgro” LLC in cooperation with logistic and forwarding company “UTA Logistics” started rendering the full range of services to the clients involving escorting of grain and oil crops and their by-products throughout logistical chain from the grower to export by sea vessels.

Nowadays “UkrTransAgro” LLC is the latest within the Azov water area of Ukraine production complex, capacities of which may provide one-time storage of 48 120 tons in six silos and transshipment up to 1 mln/tons of cargo annually. “UkrTransAgro” LLC provides acceptance of about 4500 tons per day of crops from road transport and about 3000 tons per day of crops from rail transport. The terminal provides shipping of crops on sea vessels at the rate about 7000 tons per day. With that aspiration (mechanical) wastes of grain do not exceed 0,2%.

Among “UkrTransAgro” LLC clients there are subsidiaries of transnational companies in Ukraine, such as Cargill, Noble, ADM, Kernel, Louis Dreyfus Commodities Ukraine, Glencore and Ukrainian exporting companies. The company provides export of grain and oil crops from east, part of central and north regions of Ukraine, namely from Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk regions.

Quality of company’s services meets all established rules and standards, as evidenced by quality certificates. So in 2013 the Company was given Conformity Certificate for grain and by-products storage services by the State Inspection of Ukraine’s agriculture sector and in 2014 the production laboratory of the company was certified. This laboratory performs an analysis of grain and oil crops for all necessary indicators.

The Director of “UkrTransAgro” LLC is Artem Mazniy. The Company staff numbers 76 persons.