Management company
“Mariupol Investment Group” (MC “MIG”)

“Management Company “Mariupol Investment Group” LLC (MC “MIG”) is the Company managing the assets in transport-logistic cluster. Company’s assets are located at the water area of the Sea of Azov in Mariupol city, near the port, in proximity to Volgo-Don Canal and water area of the Black Sea, nearby the industrial and agricultural regions of Ukraine.

The Company “Mariupol Investment Group” (“MIG”) was founded by Aleksandr Savchuk in 2007 to consolidate the assets within a single financial and industrial group.

Thereafter it was decided by Aleksandr Savchuk to separate the control and management of basic (“Azovmash” group) and prospective (“MIG” group) business lines. In 2010 the company “MIG” was reorganized into Management Company (MC “MIG”) for the purpose of analysis, development and implementation of prospective business lines.

Companies under the management of MC “MIG” provide a range of services such as ship-repair, machine-building, ship-building, cargo transshipment and storage, as well as logistic and forwarding services. These days the following assets are managed by MC “MIG”:

  • Azov Shipyard (“SRZ” LTD) is the largest shiprepair enterprise in the water area of the Sea of Azov, specializing in  machine-building, shipbuilding, shiprepair and  cargo transshipment.
  • “Ukrtransagro” LLC is an operator of the latest within the Azov water area certified terminal, which provides full range of  services for grain and oil crops transshipment, storage and shipping.
  • “UTA Logistic” LLC is a specialized logistic and forwarding company, providing the full range of services relating to the management of Client’s grain and oil crop cargoes logistic.

MC “MIG” functions as the corporate and strategic center for the above assets by working-out and approval of development strategy, making of key investment decisions, appointment and approval of top-manager applicants, supervising the assets’ corporate management institutes. Thus, MC “MIG” in cooperation with international company Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and company “Intalev” have elaborated and formalized long-term development strategy for Group enterprises including “SRZ” Ltd and “Ukrtransagro” LLC.

The Executive Director of MC “MIG” is Oleg Ivanyushenko. The company staff numbers 18 persons.