Azov shipyard (“SRZ LTD”) is the largest in the water area of the Sea of Azov high-technology, multifunctional enterprise, specializing in machine-building, shipbuilding, shiprepair and cargo transshipment. The shipyard is managed by Management Company “Mariupol Investment Group” (MC “MIG”) and is situated in proximity to Mariupol Port, Volgo-Don Canal and industrial and agricultural regions of Ukraine.

The timeline of the shipyard starts in 1886, when at mouth of Zintsev brook there were erected mechanical work-shops for building of sea port. In 1899-1900 the production capacities were developed and in 1931 thy were transformed into Mariupol shiprepair yard. In 1955 the enterprise was renamed into Zhdanovskiy shiprepair yard MMF, and its name – Azov Shipyard – has gained in 1989. In 2003 the integral property complex “Azov Shipyard” was granted on lease to Limited liability company “SRZ ”. Since 2010 the enterprise has been under management of MC “MIG”.


Azov shipyard is the only enterprise in the water area of the Sea of Azov, having floating dock with a capacity of 15 000 tons, which allows to dock the vessels with length up to 200 meters and breadth up to 25 meters. Approach channel enables acceptance of vessels with draft up to 8 meters that permits to repair almost all types of vessels.  Material and technical resources allow to perform repair of sea and river vessels in the volume of overhaul and dock repairs:

- complete dry-docking and hull accompanied works, sea valves, propeller and steering gear repair works;

- repair of cargo holds hatch covers;

- repair of main and auxiliary engines, boilers, generators, electric motors, radio and navigating equipment;

- piping renewal, including galvanizing;

- woodwork and vessel furniture repair;

- sand blasting and high pressure fresh water cleaning;

- repair and restoring of valves and gate valves;

- repair of different pumps, turbines;

- repair and adjustment of fuel equipment;

- repair of different vessel’s machinery and units;

- fault detection: engineering activities, including  preparation of technical documentation, development of repair technology and process control;  

- other repair and reconditioning works.

The facilities of the enterprise allow repairing of up to 120 vessels annually as well as to perform overhaul and dock repairs.   The yard also manufactures spare parts for all types of vessels. Besides, due to its own stripping station Azov Shipyard is able to wash fuel-oil and cargo tanks.


“SRZ” ltd performs the transshipment of oversized and heavy cargoes, using developed infrastructure of rail roads and berth lines, its own diesel-locomotive shunters, cranes and necessary technological equipment. So, eight berths of “SRZ”LTD with total length of 1,24km are equipped with portal cranes having lifting capacity from 5 to 40 tons and all necessary energy network. The common area for stockpiles of cargo makes over 21 000 sq.m. The depth of each berth makes 8 meters, which permits acceptance of almost all types of vessels.

The yard has great experience in handling of different types of cargo: steel rolls, steel plates, wire rod, fittings, square billets, pig iron, coal tar pitch, pipes with large diameter and weight, coal, fertilizers, grain. Besides, the system of rail roads, berth lines and own technological equipment allows performing transshipment of  floating oil-boring units, chemical reactors and different liquid cargoes.


The enterprise is the only in Ukraine shiprepair yard capable to perform shipbuilding. “SRZ Ltd” has many years’ experience in building of self-propelled and dumb crafts of different type and purpose, floating docks, sea port-roads oil-and-debris skimmers, floating berths, pontoons and other elements of hull shipbuilding.

All ports of the former USSR were equipped with oil-and-debris skimmers manufactured by  Azov Shipyard.  Ports of India, Cube, Germany, Romania, Montenegro, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, UAE are equipped with sea port-roads oil-and-debris skimmers too. Efficiency and reliability of vessels constructions, operational safety have been proved by successful service of vessels built over the period of 30 years. More than 200 vessels have been built by “SRZ Ltd” since it started operating.

Development of the yard, namely the project of sea port-roads oil-and-debris skimmer  25505 was honored with the international certificate by organization Citrade Award for god achievements at environmental purity warfare. Among latest projects of the yard it stands to mention the oil-and-debris skimmer of project 205A capable to perform not only environmental but any other maintenance services for fleet in ports.


The yard performs machining of parts for needs of fleet and relating industries. Yard’s material and technical resources permit machining of parts on multipurpose lathes, turning, milling, vertical, ram-boring and tooth-cutting machines. Enterprise engineers manufacture electromagnetic brakes coils, cast brass shaft propellers. And besides  Azov shopyard carries-out steel, pig iron, aluminum and bronze casting. Foundry and forging facilities permit casting of parts of pig iron and non-ferrous metals for vessels under repair, for repair of own equipment and against orders of outside companies.

Azov shipyard produces hoisting equipment and metal structures of any complexity. Nowadays the yard has developed and is capable to produce above 120 models of various rope grabs, which are used by metallurgical plants, sea and river ports for transshipment of bulk cargo and scrap metal. Hoisting capacity of such grabs makes 2,5 – 35 tons, number of ropes may range from one to four.

Enterprise facilities allow to perform not only scheduled works but also to put into commission new developments of Design department specialists. Human resources of the yard are corroborated by many years’ experience, unique developments and international quality certificates.

All hoisting equipment of Azov shipyard’s production is in conformity with international quality standards.

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 has been implemented at the shipyard and it is constantly maintained.

These days there are slightly over 1000 employees at the shipyard.