Management Company
“Mariupol Investment Group”



On the basis of the resolution taken by the Participants’ General Meeting of “SRZ, LLC” (Azov Shipyard), Oleg Vladimirovich Turskiy was appointed the General Director of the enterprise since November 18, 2016.

He substituted Oleg Ivanyushenko on this position.

Let’s recollect, that  Executive Director of “Management Company “Mariupol Investment Group, LLC”, which manages Azov Shipyard,  Oleg Ivanyushenko  was appointed  the Acting for General Director of “SRZ, Ltd” in May 2016.

Oleg Vladimirovich Turskiy, date of birth 1977, has more than 16 years’ experience in economic and financial spheres. He graduated from Donetsk State University on specialty of Economic Mathematician. In 2004, he came to work at “SRZ, LLC” as Deputy Director on Economy and Finance. Since 2016, he has occupied the position of Deputy Director on Financial and Economic Analysis and Forecast. Since 2014, he has been acting as Chairman of State Examination Commission of Economic Faculty of Priazovskiy State Technical University in Mariupol.

Commenting on his appointment, Oleg Turskiy pointed out: “I am honoured to head an enterprise with such bright and abundant history; and at the same time it is professional challenge for me.  Set vector of motion direction for Azov Shipyard to further stabilization in work of the enterprise and implementation of new projects will be kept by me and multiplied.”

“For the last half of the year of the Shipyard’s direct management, the main two tasks, which I set for myself in this position, were fulfilled, namely stabilization of the shipyard situation with orders and wages payment, and searching for a suitable candidate for an office of director of “SRZ, LLC”. For the moment, enterprise is fixed up with orders and works the whole week.  Oleg Turskiy has proved himself to be a skillful manager and an expert in economy and enterprise’s production operations.   I am sure, that many years’ experience in company and knowledge will allow him to achieve goals set before him in an effective way. I shall continue lobbying through the interests of the enterprise on the  government level as well as to carry out the strategic control over development of Azov Shipyard already from position of the Executive Director of Management company” – commented Oleg Ivanyushenko, Executive Director of “Management Company “Mariupol Investment Group, LLC”