Broadcasting Company “TV-7” recognized as the best TV channel of Mariupol in the rating of compliance of journalistic standards.

The public organization «Detector Media» within the framework of the USAID project “Media Program in Ukraine” monitored regional television channels in Mariupol to observe journalistic standards and the presence of news report with signs of an order in news materials.

As a result of the analysis of the monitoring week, in the materials of the Broadcasting Company “TV-7” only one news report was recorded with signs of an order from 32 evaluated: this is 3% of the total number of materials.

According to experts, the channel’s journalists showed a relatively high level of compliance of the standards of news reporting  - 5.56 points out of 6.

In turn, in the news of the channel «Mariupol Television» experts identified 10 suspicious materials, which is 29% of analyzed. The main beneficiary of the channel’s questionable content is the Metinvest Group, which, in fact, controls it.

The channel also pays much attention to the achievements of the mayor and city hall, which, as they say here, have become possible by the funding of the Metinvest Group.

In general, according to the public organization, the channel works more as an instrument of public relations of the owners, rather than as a media.

Also, according to the results of the analysis on the Sigma TV channel 19 out of 43 analyzed or 44% of the channel’s news, which appeared in the final issues within a week, had signs of an order.

Mostly these are materials in favor of the owner of the channel Rinat Akhmetov and Metinvest, less often in favor of the interests of the mayor.

Summing up, the experts noted that in general the news of the TV-radio company TV-7 is very different from the news of MTV and Sigma. In addition to a minimum of materials with signs of an order, the final releases have really city news.

Journalists of the broadcasting company pay a lot of attention to city stories: they show utility problems not from the meetings of the executive committee, but from city streets, for example, they tell how rats run around in high-rise buildings or how public opinions were divided about the fountain in the city park.