Management Company
“Mariupol Investment Group”


Mariupol Investment Group has expanded its grain business.

On the eve of the 2019/2020 marketing season, Management Company “Mariupol Investment Group” LLC has expanded its grain business portfolio by purchasing corporate rights for “SVIT AGRO TRADE” LLC, which specializes in the purchase of grain products.

After completed analysis of the external environment of the industry in the outgoing season, the decision to acquire SVIT AGRO TRADE, LLC was taken as a measure to create an anti-crisis leverage in the field of grain procurement in the interests of key customers of the grain business of the Mariupol Investment Group.

Now, work is underway to create a development strategy and ways to attract financing for the company SVIT AGRO TRADE, whose work is designed to stabilize the flow of goods to the sea terminal Ukrtransagro during crisis periods in close cooperation with current customers

It is important that with the acquisition of SVIT AGRO TRADE, the grain business of the Mariupol Investment Group will be able to provide clients with a full range of services, ranging from purchasing from a manufacturer to exporting grain crops, which leads to a decrease in intermediaries and provides the opportunity to get more profit for the manufacturer.

Artem Mazny, Director of “SVIT AGRO TRADE”, LLC:

“The company plans to expand the services provided for farmers in the Eastern region of Ukraine by identifying their problems and providing a comprehensive solution to eliminate them. We analyze in detail the data - previous, current, we forecast those changes that may occur the situation in current conditions and market situation. Based on this, we understand when it is more profitable to purchase products, and when to sell, and how to get the maximum profit in the process. At the same time, we try to follow not only the conditions occurring in the domestic market, but also to qualify the world picture as a whole. ”

Oleg Ivanyushenko, Executive Director of the Management Company “Mariupol Investment Group”, LLC:

“The acquisition of this company contributes to increase the efficiency of our business and the business of our clients. In addition, we plan to study the challenges facing the grain producers in our region, with a view to bringing them to our international partners and finding solutions, that can unleash the full potential of production in the Azov region and exports from the Sea of ​​Azov.”