Mariupol port workers about investments, jobs and opportunities in the frontline city in the new year.

What will 2021 be for business? NV Business asked several marker questions to the owners and CEOs of large companies operating in key sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

Among those who answered the questions of NV Business there was Oleg Ivanyushenko, executive director of Mariupol Investment Group Management Company LLC (MIG Management Company), co-founder of Mariupol Investment Group.

The group operates in several segments of the economy, but the two main ones are machine building and grain logistics. The key assets are SRZ LLC, which leases the entire property complex of Azov Shipyard from the government, and Ukrtransagro LLC, which operates a grain transshipment terminal on the Azov Sea in Mariupol.

In 2019/2020 marketing year Ukrtransagro handled and shipped 711 thousand tons of grain and oilseeds (previous year - 440 thousand tons). MIG is the only shipyard in the Azov Sea water area, which performs work for both private and state customers.

The founders of MIG group of companies are Svetlana Savchuk and Oleg Ivanyushenko. About 750 people work in the companies that are in the portfolio of MIG Management Company.

1. Do you (your company) plan new investments in Ukraine in 2021?

- Yes, of course, we plan investments, both at the expense of our own and borrowed funds. Investments will be in two directions: in the development of IT areas in current businesses, as well as business expansion through the acquisition of new assets in the grain and machine-building industries.

2. Will you be hiring or laying off staff in the new year?

- It's hard to predict right now, it will depend on the market situation and the development of our businesses. If we expand our business, we will definitely increase the number of analysts and project managers.

3. Will you raise (or freeze) salaries at your company(s) in 2021?

We definitely do not plan to freeze wage payments. The increase will depend on the level of wages in the country, in the industry. We will keep up with the market. Remuneration system for our employees is designed within the framework of general strategic development of the company. We understand that only a well-motivated employee will be interested in high quality performance of his duties.  That's why every company has developed and implemented transparent and clear program of the employees' motivation.

4. In your opinion, what is the key opportunity that Ukrainian economy does not take advantage of?

In my opinion Ukraine is not taking advantage of its current moment to attract money into the economy. Everybody is yelling about the crisis, but at the same time the liquidity in the world is off the charts. Foreign investors are in no hurry to invest money in Ukraine because of the lack of working reforms, justice, corruption in all directions.