Maritime Logistics began providing marine management services for a new client

In August of this year Maritime Logistics began providing commercial vessel management services for a new client.

By the order of MILLCORP GENEVE SA, a grain trader, the Varnava motor ship (2007 year, dwt 3277t.) was found and taken into management for a one-year time charter for transporting the client's own cargo from shallow ports of the Sea of ​​Azov. During this period two cargo of wheat  were transported from the port of Azov in the direction of Turkey.

“Our companies have just begun to cooperate, but we are already impressed by the approach to the work of «Maritime Logistics». The company's experience in fleet management and, in particular, the ability of optimization of maritime logistics throughout the ship’s chain of transport from the port of loading to the port of unloading can increase the efficiency of the vessel, and with a time-charter each saved day is important,” said Valenti Selvesyuk, Head of MILLCORP GENEVE SA

Also, «Maritime Logistics» provides a comprehensive fleet management service (crewing, ISM, technical and commercial management) of Meotida Shipping, managing the ship «Mechanik Yuzvovich».

Over the past marketing year, the ship made 13 passages and transported 68 800 tons of grain cargoes to Turkey, Albania and Georgia, while showing excellent work efficiency – time charter equivalent  of 3,830 dollars a day, which is higher than the average market for this type of ship.

Also, during this period, was organized and successfully carried out the repair of the «Mechanik Yuzvovich» vessel at the Azov Shipyard, as a result of that the vessel received new classification and convention documents for a period up to 2024.

Anton Shapran, Director of «Maritime Logistics», LLC:

“We are pleased to provide MILLCORP GENEVE SA this kind of service. Our company plans to expand the list of customers by providing fleet management services to ship owners.

We are also considering the possibility of taking a ship on a time charter or bareboat charter to operate on the shipping market in the Azov-Black Sea basin and Mediterranean basin. The main strategic goal for the company remains to attract financing for the construction of a series of ships of modern sea-river projects. We are confident that the good reputation of our company, as well as the experience and understanding of this market, obtained through the management of the «Mechanik Yuzvovich», will allow us to achieve our goals. ”

Maritime Logistics LLC renders to ship owners the integrated service for sea vessels management: chartering and effective follow-up of contracts fulfillment, technical management, crewing arrangements and management in sphere of ISM, ISPS, MLC as well as qualified assistance and legal support on issue related to commercial operation of vessels.

The company also provides agency services in the seaports of Ukraine. The company is managed by Management Company «Mariupol Investment Group».

More detailed information about the enterprise can be found on the website http://maritime-logistics.com.ua/