"Martlet, LLC" passed the GAFTA international auditing

In July 2019 "Martlet, LLC" a member of the grain business group of the Mariupol Investment Group, successfully passed an auditing of its activities in accordance with the standards of the international association GAFTA

On behalf of the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA), the NSF auditor (Great Britain) carried out an on-site audit of «Martlet» to ensure that quarantine decontamination (fumigation) was performed in accordance with GAFTA Fumigator standarts.

"Martlet, LLC" has been a member of GAFTA since 2017, as part of the implementation of the strategy of making business transparent and which conform to the international regulations .

The auditor during his visit to Ukraine conducted a feasibility study   of the activities according to the criteria of the standard, including: the procedure of documenting, risk management at the enterprises, handling rejection and the level of insurance of possible negative consequences. As a result the Audit report was signed by the participants without comment and sent to the UK.

As a result of verification fumigation work in accordance with GAFTA Fumigator standards and the entry of successful audit data into the electronic registry were positive confirmated by the GAFTA head office.

The system of GAFTA standards was developed in order to reduce the risks and possible claims of participants in the international grain trade.

And due to the fact that a large number of companies providing related services are involved in the international grain trade, which significantly affect the grain delivery process, GAFTA developed a series of standards for managing the preparation of international contracts, grain analysis, grain sampling and grain disinfection.

A distinctive features of the standards of the association are international practice and implementation of documents, simplification of the procedure of appealing contracts and managing potential risks. As a result, compliance with GAFTA standards for grain market enterprises has become one of the necessary features of their qualification as a reliable business partner.

DENIS LAVRISHCHEV, director of «Martlet, LLC»:

Every company has the right to decide whether or not to pass the audit. There are any indispensable condition or restrictions. The standard is voluntary and you can adhere to the standard even without passing an Audit.

However, in conditions of growing competition, the buyer will always use the product with the highest value with guaranteed quality. Here   a standardization system and certification system comes to the rescue, which has a high level of trust and is transparent in its requirements.

The GAFTA Fumigation standard is formed in the same way. An enterprise can provide a service according to its technical regulations, getting the final result using “non-transparent” methods or undergo an Audit and perform services according to the international standard. We decided to pass the Audit, to secure our position as a reliable and customer-oriented partner

Keep to the goal of providing customers with all services in one window, each company of MIG strives to improve its component from a “single package” of services, thus, interest in the complex of services is formed both due to simplicity of use and  growing quality. In addition to increasing the value of services our companies are able to control processes within enterprises and to be confident that there are no risks arising from the provision of services. ”