UkrTransAgro, LLC is a modern efficient complex in the Sea of Azov in Ukraine which renders services for acceptance, accumulation, storage and loading of grain and oilseeds to the sea vessels and also it provides services of certified grain terminal

UkrTransAgro, LLC was founded in 2004 for handling of grain crops. In 2008 the construction and building of modern transshipment complex was finalized. The company has been managed by “Management Company “Mariupol Investment Group”, LLC  since 2010.

Today UkrTransAgro, LLC is an operator of grain market that renders range of services for acceptance, accumulation, storage and loading of grains and oilseeds to the sea vessels,  also it provides services of certified grain terminal and services of  logistic and forwarding company (via “UTA Logistic”, LLC which was founded in 2015).

UkrTransAgro’s Mission:

To facilitate Ukraine’s influence extension on the world’s agricultural policy.

Ukrtransagro’s Strategy aims to increase the value of business by setting up a conglomerate of companies consisting of a grain terminal, additional multifunctional containers for accumulation and storage, forwarding and logistic businesses. This strategy should result in growth of the transshipment volume up to 100 thousand tons a month during a high season and increase of margin in off-season as well as achievement of the top positions in the forwarding market in the Sea of Azov with the total forwarding capacity of not less than 1 million tons a year.

The following competitive advantages will contribute to implement the strategy and achieve the targets:
  • The most up-to- date grain terminal in the Ukrainian area of the Sea of Azov
  • The high speed of acceptance of the grain crops and oilseeds from rail way and road transport and discharging to vessels
  • A certified laboratory and modern laboratory equipment
  • Highly automated processes
  • The provision of whole range of services starting from acceptance, accumulation and storage of grains and oil-yielding crops up to their shipment and forwarding through all the stages of a logistic chain from a producer to an exporter by sea vessels
  • Qualified professional management team and highly experienced staff