Management Company
“Mariupol Investment Group”


“TV and Radio Broadcasting Company “TV-7” is a regional information and entertainment channel. Since October 2015, “TV and Radio Broadcasting Company “TV-7” has been managed by “Management Company “Mariupol Investment Group” (MC MIG). 

“TV and Radio Broadcasting Company “TV-7”, LLC was established in 1997. The channel audience includes dwellers of Mariupol and neighboring districts (Volnovakhsky, Volodarsky, Novoazovsky, Pervomaysky, Telmanovsky) and makes about 1 million viewers.

Over–the-air content of the channel offers informational and journalistic, entertainment and educational, cultural and educational and children’s programs aimed for broad audience and almost all social groups.    

Daily news program “7 Days” is a coherent composition of news items and live,  journalistic presentation of any event.

The answers to key problems of the dwellers are in daily live broadcasting of the information and analytical program “Point of view”.

There is opportunity for common citizens to express their opinions and discuss the themes of society’s concern in daily social project “The wide talk over”.

“Under seven seals” is an educational and entertainment program, aimed exclusively for children’s viewing audience.

In addition to own programs, there are always interesting and multifaceted programmes from leading Ukrainian distributors on the air of “TV-7”.

TV company and its staff members were awarded many times with awards of city, regional and national level. 

The main task is to preserve the TV channel as one of the most impartial and independent sources of information in the city.

The primary target of “TV-7”:
  • - mindset formation of the contemporary TV viewer;
  • - upbringing of character sensitive on events occurring in the city, region or country;
  • - education of character focused on universal human values and healthy mode of life;
  • - preservation of national identity and public spirit.