Management Company
“Mariupol Investment Group”


"Martlet, LLC" is a company focused on rendering of fumigation services in the grain market of Ukraine.

Fumigation company "Martlet" was established in 2016. It is supervised by Management Company "Mariupol Investment Group". The main specificity of the enterprise is quarantine disinfection of exported goods through fumigation, disinfection of industrial areas, services for shippers in the ports of the EU and the Middle East. Today the company renders services to shippers in ports of Mariupol, Berdyansk and Nikolaev.

The Company's activities are regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On plant quarantine", "On pesticides and agrochemicals", and state rules and regulations of Ukraine.

All work on fumigation of cargoes is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Marine Fumigation Organization (IMFO) and the GAFTA 132. The services were examined by the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology n.a. A.N. Marzeev which acknowledges the compliance of these services with regulatory requirements for safety.

The Company was admitted to membership of the International Grain and Feed Trade Association  GAFTA in 2017, headquartered in London.

The Company intends to expand its services from the service rendering in ports to protection of agricultural products for the manufacturer

The Company`s goal is to render high-quality services in the sphere of disinfection of agricultural products through effective coordination & interaction with all participants of the export process.

The main services of the Company are:
  • fumigation of grain and its derived products
  • coloration of grain cargoes
  • preventive disinfection of granaries and civil facilities
  • degassing of cargoes after fumigation in the port of the buyer.