Азовский судоремонтный завод

Azov Shipyard (SRZ, LLC)  is the largest ship repair enterprise in the Sea of Azov specializing in ship repair, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and cargo transshipment.

The shipyard strives to become key partner for ship and cargo owners trading in the Sea of Azov.

The history of Azov Shipyard started in 1886 when the first mechanic workshops were constructed in the mouth of Zintsev brook for building of Mariupol sea port. In 1931 the complex of mechanic workshops were organized in Mariupol Shipyard. In 1955 the enterprise was renamed as Zhdanov Shipyard and in 1989 the shipyard got its modern name – Azov Shipyard. In 2003 the whole property complex “Azov Shipyard” was leased to the Limited Liability Company “SRZ”.  

The enterprise has been managed by MC MIG, LLC since 2010.  


Mission of  Azov Shipyard ASRZ has been developing the diversified business and building the long –term relationships with its partners aiming to create the transportation –logistical cluster in our region. Azov Shipyard facilitates the economic growth and development of transport and social infrastructure of South-Eastern Ukraine.

Azov shipyard’s strategy is aimed at the ASRZ’ value increase and its development as universal enterprise which focused on machine building, ship building, ship repair and cargo transshipment. The participation in privatization of the integral property complex “Azov shipyard” and encouragement of investors for its updating and development are the essential parts of Azov shipyard’ strategy.The enterprise plans to achieve the maximum scopes of transshipment (1,1 mln. tons) and ship repair (50 vessels), significant increase of machine production (in 3 times) and revival of ship building business (2 oil and debris skimmers and 8 pontoons per year) by the year 2020.

The following competitive advantages facilitate the strategy implementation and performance target achievement:
  • The favorable geographical location of the assets (proximity to Mariupol Port and Volgo-Don cannel as well as to industrial and agricultural regions of Ukraine)
  • Availability of floating dock with capacity of 15 000 tons that allows processing the vessels with length of up to 200 meters and breadth of up to 25 meters and approaching channel 8 meters depth, equipped with berth lines and specialized workshops and facilities
  • This enterprise is the sole shiprepair yard in Ukraine with possibility of ship building
  • Availability of necessary infrastructure for operation in all business segments and accessibility of the railway communication
  • Qualified managerial team and staff members with extensive and solid production experience