Management Company
“Mariupol Investment Group”


MANAGEMENT COMPANY "Mariupol Investment Group"

The businesses managed by MC MIG, LLC render range of services for ship repair, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, transhipment and storage of cargoes, as well as logistical and forwarding services.

Mariupol Investment Group  was founded by Aleksander Savchuk in 2007 to consolidate all belonging to him assets within a single financial-industrial group. 

 Later Alexander Savchuk decided to split up  the control over the main («Azovmash» group) and prospective («MIG» group) business streams.

In 2010 company MIG was transformed into Management Company (MC MIG) aimed at analysis, elaboration  and implementation of prospective business streams. Being a patriot of Mariupol Aleksander Savchuk strove to elicit the potential of the city in full and invested in creation and development of transportation and logistical assets in the region. Azov Shipyard (SRZ, LLC), UkrTransAgro, LLC, UTA Logistic, LLC, Maritime Logistics, LLC, TRC TV-7, LLC are managed by MC MIG. 

MC "MIG" acts as a corporate and strategic center of these assets by elaboration and approval of the development strategy, making key investment decisions, appointment and approval of candidates for the positions of top managers. The corporate rights of  MC "MIG" and those of  assets under its management  are owned by UITC LIMITED (Cyprus). Mrs. Svetlana Savchuk  is the beneficial owner  of this company.

Mission of MC "MIG": We contribute to the improvement of our business’ efficiency as well as industrial, transport and social potential of Mariupol, Azov region and Ukraine in general by introduction of modern technologies and management standards, using our own experience and the best international practices.

The strategy of Mariupol Investment Group is aimed to increase the long-term assets’ value by the introduction of an efficient and transparent corporate structure, the development of modern technologies and management standards, ultimate deployment of transport and logistical potential of Ukrainian water territory in the Sea of Azov.

The following competitive advantages facilitate this strategy implementation:
  • Location in the port of Mariupol, in the Sea of ​​Azov, close to the Volga-Don Canal and the Black Sea
  • Developed transport infrastructure, proximity to industrial and agricultural regions of the East and the South-East of Ukraine
  • Diversified business services for ship repair, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, handling and storage of goods, logistics and freight forwarding services
  • The availability of sole in the Sea of Azov ship repair and shipbuilding yard
  • The presence of a unique modern transshipment complex for grains and oilseeds
  • Qualified personnel and efficient management team