MANAGEMENT COMPANY "Mariupol Investment Group"


Mariupol Investment Group is a group of companies in the transport and logistics sector of Eastern Ukraine, which is engaged in the grain business, land and sea logistics.

The Group operates a marine terminal in the port of Mariupol, which provides optimal logistics for agricultural producers in Eastern Ukraine.

Mariupol Investment Group was founded in 2007, and over the years of its formation was transformed into a Management Company "MIG" and a group of companies under its management.

The key businesses of MC «MIG»:

UTA Group - assets which provide the whole cycle of logistics in the agricultural sector of Eastern Ukraine, including:

-  «UkrTransAgro» grain transshipment complex

-  «UTA Logistic» transport company

-  «SvitAgroTrade» trading company

-  «Rassvet» farm enterprise

-  «Martlet» fumigation company

Maritime Logistics is a company providing a comprehensive maritime management service, as well as freight brokerage and agency services.

MC "MIG" performs corporate and strategic management of these assets through the development and approval of the development strategy, making key investment decisions, appointing and approving candidates for top management positions.

There is a developed system of corporate governance in the company which is based on international standards of corporate governance and business ethics, requirements of Ukrainian legislation and principles of Corporate Governance Code of the Group.


The managing owners of Mariupol Investment Group's assets are Boyd Chantel Carol-Enn, Abdulkader Pillonel Leila Hanako and Oleg Ivanyushenko.

Mission of MC "MIG": We contribute to the improvement of our business’ efficiency as well as industrial, transport and social potential of Mariupol, Azov region and Ukraine in general by introduction of modern technologies and management standards, using our own experience and the best international practices.

The strategy of Mariupol Investment Group is aimed at increasing the long-term value of assets by implementing an efficient and transparent corporate structure, the development of modern technologies and management standards, the maximum disclosure of transport and logistics potential of the Ukrainian Sea of Azov.

Our values:
  • Transparency and openness. We are always honest with ourselves, our customers, partners and employees. Honesty is the key to openness and a guarantee of transparency in our work.
  • Partnership. Our business is associated with building long-term and systematic partnerships. We bear full responsibility for the obligations we assume.
  • Іnnovativeness. We are constantly looking for new methods and approaches to doing business, implementing new technologies in business processes.
  • Professionalism and strong team. We work as a team to ensure the success of our company and our partners. We promote the personal and professional growth of our employees in every possible way.